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Bathroom Blogfest ’08 – Cleaning Up Forgotten Spaces Around Us

Bathroom Blogfest '08 - Cleaning Up Forgotten Spaces Around Us

Bathroom Blogfest

We’re off to another Bathroon Blogfest! And this time I found a little, cozy bathroom to blog about.

When I was on vacation with hubby in the Poconos a couple of weeks ago, we visited Jim Thorpe town… what a cute little town! To this day, I still can’t believe that small, cute, little towns like that still exist. And it’s also wonderful that they still exist. We spend most of the day there, and had lunch at this cute little cafe/restaurante called Through the Looking Glass (Yeap… Alice in Wonderland!).

Through the Looking Glass

Through the Looking Glass

Through the Lookign Glass

Through the Lookign Glass

I was so taken by this place’s charm, that I immediatelythought of Bathroom Blogfest and how cozy the bathroom at this cafe/restaurant must be! I eventually made my way there and…. it took me back quite a few years!!! It looked like a bathroom in one the those farms I spent vacations on back in Brazil… how cool is that?

Check this out!

As soon as I got in and close the door, this is what my view was:

It’s a tiny bathroom with that very rustic feel to it! From the wood and white tiles, to the sink, wood cabinet cabinet and embroidered curtain!

I noticed the lock on the door… that gave it away to me… I haven’t see this kind of lock in ages!

Then, I turned around and covered the whole bathroom…

These sink and heater skirts are just lovely! We see some pieces of moden times toiletry, but nothing too fancy to distract from the rustic decor.

Can you see how tiny this bathroom is? Everything about it feels like it’s a few decades old!

The embroided pieces are just too cute! Feels like grandma made it!

On the wall next to the door and toilet, there was this wall hug (or something like it) that seemed to be some kind of memento from a members-only type of organization – Fraternity, Confederation Pals… who knows?

I enjoyed being taken a few years back to my childhood, which wasn’t too long ago, and seeing these “old” minute details that bring back tons of memory. Funny thing, however, is that while these pieces of bathroom decor bring back some memories from 20+ years ago, these pieces actually represent an era that is much older than that! And part of my fascination and amusement in seeing such small towns in the US is that we can still see history, after all, in the midst of modern technology and high-tech lifestyles. This town has, without a doubt, the most low-tech lifestyle you can find… and this bathroom is proof of that!

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