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The Bathroom Experience

blogfest-logo-2007.jpg This year I’m proud to be participating in the Bathroom Blogfest 2007 with my fellow bloggers (who I’ll list below), where we document our bathroom experiences.

I decided to visit and talk about the bathroom of a small business since I figured that there wouldn’t be much to talk about if I visited bathrooms of luxurious department stores and restaurants in NY – since they’re all gorgeous and flawless.

The bathroom I visited was at my nail salon, Prisca Nails. I decided to go there because I’ve always noticed how cute and cozy, and crystal clean it was. That I remember how good my nail place’s ladiesroom is should tell us how important that often neglected part of most businesses is. I’m very particular about bathrooms because I think it’s a very intimate place and one needs to feel comfortable to do one’s business. I’m the kind of person who really notices bathrooms (since I have this thing with them) and I go as far as marking the places where I know have good bathrooms for future trips, in case I ever need it. img00044.jpg The bathroom at my nail salon is a case in point. img00045.jpg The bathroom is small, but nonetheless comfortable. It’s cute and cozy. It is, most important, clean and fresh. It almost feels like my own!

I have to commend my friends at Prisca Nails for their extra-customer-care in providing such a good bathroom experience. It’s all worth it for me to know I have a safe place to go when in times of emergency 🙂

Until today, I really hadn’t realized how important the bathroom was to me and to customers in general. I’ve noticed them because I just usually do, but I’ve gotten to a point where the bathroom can make it or brake for me. Am I being too picky or unreasonable? I don’t believe so… we are, in general, very demanding consumers, but more than just a bargain, we love to be pampered and surprised, and whenever and wherever business can do that for us, we’ll remember and love them. It’s about telling your costumers “you’re important” without saying it. It’s that special feeling we feel and we don’t know even why or where it came from, but we feel it. The bathroom has surfaced as the place to surprise customers in many establishments today.


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Why? Pourquoi? Perché? ¿Porque? Warum?

blogging.jpg My friend Lolly from Blog Til You Drop!Marketing, Advertising, Branding… Blogging tagged me in the latest meme going around – 5 Reasons Why You Blog.

Reason 1: I feel I have interesting things to say and I would like share those thoughts with other people to start interesting conversations, teach people sometime and learn from them as well.

Reason 2: To socialize/connect and meet other people. I’ve made some very good blogfriends that I hope to meet in person one day.

Reason 3:  To expand my horizons, to make myself create, to make myself write… to push myself just a little bit more.

Reason 4: To stay on top of trends. Blog is a trend on its own and there are also an infinite number of great blogs on any subject one can imagine. It’s an excellent source of top trends.

Reason 5: To market myself, make myself a more appealing and interesting professional.

Now, I’d like to tag these good friends:

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How did your favorite movies do on Oscar’s night?

images.jpg Okay, finally… I’ve been away for too long now and I’ve been tagged twice by two friends, so it’s time to get back to writing. Ricardo tagged me on the fun meme about the Oscar’s night where we list our favorite movies of the big night. Until this weekend, I had only watched one movie, which was Little Miss Sunshine, but now I’ve seen a couple more so I can finally pick my three best.

My three favorite movies were: Babel, The Departed and Little Miss Sunshine.

Babel was just a phenomenal movie in so many levels. It was a different movie in story line and directing, and I tend to love unconventional movies. But the essence of the movie is was I think struck most people: no matter how different we all are, our problems are the same… we just manifest them differently. Not only do we manifest problems differently, we also do love, friendship, violence, sadness, frustration; but in the end, humans are very much alike in basic needs and feelings, we just happen to look different from one another.

The Departed, oh my god, what a movie! I agree 100% that it deserved the Oscar’s for best movie. What a situation, what an excitement, what a cast. This movie was so well made and directed I almost felt I was in it. The plot was extremely intriguing and I couldn’t get enough of it. All in all, superb movie!

Little Miss Sunshine was such a good dark comedy! One easy and entertaining movie to watch and appreciate. I love watching movies about the American culture because I learned so much about this country; and besides, it’s really funny to see such a dysfunctional family in display like that. And I also wind up learning a few good lessons of character and hope and faith from such movies.

I was really happy with how the Oscar’s turn out this year and the ceremony was very cool, and not boring (thank god). Check out the complete list of nominees here.

Hello world!

I finally did it! It’s been a while, I know, I know… I’ve telling all my friends and family about my idea to create a blog, but never had time to actually put one together. So, today, I did it! It’s not a lot, but it’s the beginning.

Chat with ya soon! 🙂