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5 Things You Should Know about Me…

I got tagged! Twice! So, no more excuses not to participate, right? This meme is really fun actually 🙂

Ok, here are the 5 most important things you should know about moi picture-27.jpg

1. I’m happily married to a wonderful man who has taught me marketing, Spanish and how to grab life by the horns (and to kick butt) here in the US.

2. I’m a shortie, 5’3”… sometimes I over compensate that with very high heels.

3. I came to the USA with my sister when I was 19 and she, 21. We dropped out of university and had only $300 dollars each.

4. I love speaking foreign languages… I speak 3 at the moment, but I have plans to learn French, Italian and Japanese.

5. I’m a globalized person, a citizen of the world… I embrace anything and everything foreign and worldly. I keep myself up to date on international news, I travel abroad, I learn about other countries, I make foreign friends… I love that we’re so different from one another.

Here’re the five people I want to tag:

Henry – author of the blog Men-agement and the wonderful man I married

Keith – good blogging friend and Latin culture connoisseur

Hélène – good blogging friend and a “qually” too

Paul – crazy guy who toured the US on his bike to raise money for his cause

Becky – for her, customers rock!

Thanks for tagging me Franci and Eliane!