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MeMy name is Katia and I’m from Brazil. I came to the US in 2000 to realize my dream. My dream however was not the American Dream… my dream was to be fluent in English and be educated in the United States. Pretty unambitious, but at the time it was as pretty unattainable for a 19 year old young woman . But I made it, and I’m proud of it! I’m not only fluent in English, but also in Spanish – thanks to my brilliant hubby!

I’ve been living in the US ever since. I graduated with a B.S in Marketing and am on the way to getting my MBA. I’ve also been through culture shock and experienced first-hand the “fish out of water” syndrome. All that together with my marketing background has enabled me to see things differently and apply transcultural marketing techniques to better understand the marketplace and things around me.

There’s so many things to say, so many things that people can’t see because they’re blind by their culture…. and because of that, I intend to write as much as possible about transcultural issues surrounding global business today and hope to shed some light on this matter.

Stay tunned!


14 responses to “About Me

  1. Katia,

    Welcome to the craziness that is blogging.

  2. Que seja bem-vindo, Katia. Sempre é um prazer um(a) autor(a) brasileiro(a) no blogosfero. Acho seu blog sumamente interessante, ainda que não é exatamente minha area de interesse principal 🙂 ….

    Um abraço,

  3. Your story is delicious..
    I’ll stay around 🙂

  4. wow this zlist is insane. my google reader is going to be overloaded. after my 30 day challenge i’m going to read your whole blog! i read your front page of your blog and i love it.

    good luck on getting your MBA. If you want email me 🙂

    paul sanchez

    Go the extra mile and go to:

  5. Thank you for coming to USA Katia. The demographics of this country needs a boost of fresh talent from outside. Happy New Year!

  6. Hey,
    I went through something similar. I came here when I was 12. Eventually got over the cultural shock.

    In addition, good luck with your Career.


  7. Katia, come leave me a comment, please. I understand your first language is Portuguese, not Spanish, but I need some American Spanish/English trainers for a project I’m working on to teach Spanish to American community leaders. Thanks. Someone with your background and marketing savvy probably has a strong network!

  8. Greetings…

    I think you are very cute..
    and i was sorry too hear that you are married and have a hubby..all well..
    U are still cute and i’m wondering how i can join the batroom blogspots?

    peace and love!

  9. Olá, Katia.
    Não sei como acabei caindo no seu blog. Mas adorei o acidente. Muito legal! Parabéns!

  10. Hello Katia,

    I am one of my MBA-Marketing Project for Grey Goose too, and somehow linked to your site. The project is about the IMC program for Grey Goose which should combine the advertising, PR, Promotion, Direct marketing, personal selling, and internet/interactive marketing strategies as well as the ROI of its marketing budget. Seems you have done a samiliar project before, would you be willing to kindly share your ideas and thought about Grey Goose’s IMC strategies with me? Especially its ROI data form its marketing budget spending is very hard to find. Thank you very much & I really appreciate!


  11. Great to have discovered your blog via MyBlogLog!

  12. Hi, Katia,

    I would like to send you a suggestion for blog content but I do not have to put it on your site. Can you email me so I can send you a link? We provide a ton of english / spanish content to cyberspace and it is perfect for Blog sites!

    Just saw you are speaking at Izeafest and stumbled on your blog!


  13. Salute you from occupied Palestine

  14. Thank you for the awsome article. I am going to keep an eye about your own site, i allready added it to own list 🙂

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