Why? Pourquoi? Perché? ¿Porque? Warum?

blogging.jpg My friend Lolly from Blog Til You Drop!Marketing, Advertising, Branding… Blogging tagged me in the latest meme going around – 5 Reasons Why You Blog.

Reason 1: I feel I have interesting things to say and I would like share those thoughts with other people to start interesting conversations, teach people sometime and learn from them as well.

Reason 2: To socialize/connect and meet other people. I’ve made some very good blogfriends that I hope to meet in person one day.

Reason 3:  To expand my horizons, to make myself create, to make myself write… to push myself just a little bit more.

Reason 4: To stay on top of trends. Blog is a trend on its own and there are also an infinite number of great blogs on any subject one can imagine. It’s an excellent source of top trends.

Reason 5: To market myself, make myself a more appealing and interesting professional.

Now, I’d like to tag these good friends:

Keith from The Temas Blog

Ricardo from Ricardo’s Blog

Franci from Franciov Weblog 

Paul from 8 Wishes

Michael from Own Your Brand


4 responses to “Why? Pourquoi? Perché? ¿Porque? Warum?

  1. Ai Katia! Why do you keep tagging me? LOL I guess because you know I cannot say no to you. I try to keep my blog about the issues and not so much about me… Ok ok, I’ll think of something, although in truth, my “Welcome to the Temas Blog” page covers all this in detail, in English, Spanish and Portuguese http://www.temasactuales.com/temasblog/?page_id=3

    Um abraço,

  2. oops, I put the wrong URL in last msg. It’s supposed to be http://www.temasactuales.com/temasblog/?p=3
    Sorry ’bout that!

  3. Dear Katia, thank you for tagging me! Us “old guys” are easy to catch – I’ve got my post up on blogging.

    I liked it when you wrote that you blog…”To socialize/connect and meet other people.”

    CS Lewis said “we read in order to know we are not alone.” Maybe, in part, we blog in order to know we are not alone. That we are not the only person in the world that sees or thinks a certain way. Blogging is a great way to meet new people who will let you know you’re not crazy and that you are on to something real.

    So for me it is a kind of socializing that opens up new relationships and communities around what we see and write about.

    Thanks for enlarging the conversation.

    Keep creating,

  4. Can’t wait to see you matey!

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