Embrace the new, Incorporate the old…. And watch what happens

On the cover of the latest AdAge, a familiar company is being cited for its latest take on its own role in advertising. The headline reads “Lazarus Wants Media Back at the Table. Ogilvy CEO talks total integration, pledges to stick around.”

Ogilvy has been transforming itself from an advertising agency to a full-service marketing powerhouse, and its latest challenge has so far proven to be a little more demanding than anybody could’ve expected: how to integrate digital media in the mix. The interview with the CEO was short and sweet, and the part that stroke me the most was when she said “I don’t know how not to have media present in the room, given all the opportunities we have now. I would do everything to bring media closer in than further away”, when talking about the how creative has been changing.

I know there’re many of you who think that traditional media is dead and that what she just said is absolutely unnecessary. I think she has a valid argument, and what she’s trying to do, in a nutshell, is to bring the old (traditional media) and the new (digital media) together. A recipe for…. success! I strongly believe that we can successfully bring “old” expertise and “new” ideas to create “never-seen” results. I also believe in learning from those who’ve done it , and giving it a new spin.

So, embrace the new, incorporate the old, and watch what happens…


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