Tonight on Bill Maher

Just wanted to post a quick note on tonight’s program. One of the guests was Richard Dreyfuss, the actor turned student at Oxford. Tonight’s discussion was one of the most intelligent and enganging of the year on the show. Richard Dreyfuss was right on in his comments… exactly what I’ve been trying to say to others as well. One particular comment in reference of the power of media was that he was in “shock” when he came back to the USA (after being away for a couple of years) and all people were tunned into was the Peterson’s murder (not that it wasn’t worthy of news) at the time the country had been hit by terrorrits attacks. But, anyways, what he said and what I want to write here is the following… people tune in to TV (usually mindless programs) and they think that what’s going on inside the tube is something outside them, outside their culture, when in fact it’s not… people should look inside themselves because TV is a reflection of what’s going on in the country and society as a whole. It doesn’t make America look very good when looked at this way, does it?


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