Burping… Excuse me??!!!

pdstsmp0006.jpg Oh my gosh, if there’s one thing in this world that I dislike with all my strength is the belching that some American people do in public, in front of others, and almost in your face really!

I don’t know where these people got the idea that it is OK to do that in public, but to me, there’s nothing more disgusting and impolite than that. And, it doesn’t really matter if the “Excuse me” is followed by that gross sound, because that sound wasn’t supposed to come out in the first place. The “excuse me” is really useless and hypocritical because after someone has burped and done what he/she really wanted to do with total disregard for other people around, that only means “I’m going to pretend I care about your presence, even though I don’t because I really want to be a pig and burp in public when I want and where I want”.

I remember numerous times when, shortly after I arrived, I had young, 20-something, American acquaintances over for a get-together and they would burp often, may times, as if they were in their house!!! And mind you that they were only acquaintances, not friends!!!! Needless to say I definitely didn’t pursue a friendship with them.

I’ve heard that burping is OK for many American families… I just don’t understand how that’s OK. Will farting be next? How lovely! I have a wild guess as to why some American families think that that’s OK: some parents don’t want to tell their kids that certain things are not to be done in public as it’s just a matter of common sense and manners, because after all, their kids are individuals (for crying out loud) and they can do whatever they want. Unfortunately, I just think that that’s stupid, that there are ways of developing and encouraging kids’ individuality while teaching them good manners. And… there are also those parents who have no manners either and that’s all they have to teach their kids… very sad, but real.

Burping is so degrading to me that I won’t even get close to a person who does that! I don’t want to be part of your bodily functions! Get away from me! I already have my own do deal with!

Burping being OK for many people here is a major cultural shock that I haven’t been able to deal with, for the life of God! I absolutely refuse to set my mind to a OK mood for that… I just can’t do it, it’s beyond me.

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29 responses to “Burping… Excuse me??!!!

  1. a very nice post….I like so much. I used to have the same experience like you! It’s just disgusting to see people burping close to you!

  2. In case you haven’t notice it all started with characters in movies making it seem funny, and then it became more and more common on TV shows. If this was shocking to you wait until people start realising their gas in public, it already started in movies and some TV shows for kids.

  3. I have felt the same way for years now. I also came in 2000 from Peru to be fluent in english and study in the US. I am getting an MBA now at Drake University in Iowa. I just started a blog in spanish http://www.cuentosdesillar.com Check it out sometime. Great post!

  4. I feel that ending a potential friendship over something like burping is rather shallow. And there are people out there, myself included, who can’t help burping due to a medical condition. (Something to do with stomach acid or whatnot).

    And there is worse.. like, I don’t know, picking your nose?

  5. Katia – I found this one very interesting …

    “I’m going to pretend I care about your presence, even though I don’t because I really want to be a pig and burp in public (invade) when I want and where I want”

    Now….where have we heard that one before …from Mr. Bush ?

  6. How can you make burping political?, oh wait a minute, I forgot what most liberals talk out of…

  7. Ola Katia. Como vai? Tudo bem?

    As you know, I grew up in small town USA a long time ago, so I can only speak for that time and area. But in those days, in the Midwest, you might experience burping at the dinner table or family den if only the immediate family was present, but never with guests around, and our mom would be on us in a minute about excusing ourselves and being rude. Well, of course, as little kids we did it among ourselves and thought it was funny, but only among ourselves and not with any adults within earshot.

    I have noticed, though, that somewhere along the way, perhaps over the last 20 years or so — shall we call it “The Simpsons Age”? LOL — it seemed to become less unacceptable and even considered silly/funny to burp in public in the US.

    My wife claims that while growing up in Santo Domingo in the 1960s/early 1970s they wouldn’t dare even burp with only the immediate family present. You had to hold it somehow, or excuse yourself from the room to discretely do it elsewhere. While from what I’ve seen of Dominican kids today, they’re not quite that reserved about it, but still far more than American kids.

    Now that you mention it, in my 28 yrs going to Brazil, I can’t recall once being confronted by a Brazilian burping in public. I have, however, seen it in some Brazilian TV ads, though. Wonder why the dichotomy?

    Um abraço,

  8. well some countries it is complement to the chef to burp

    i can see why people might not like it but at the same time i don’t worry with it too much these days they are much worse things you need to worry about a person than their gas ejections inother words i’d rather take a burper than someone who has schizophrenia or a potential crazed killer or the occasional rapist (which i shouldn’t have to worry much about that

  9. Amen!!
    You said it all!

  10. I know this is a bit late, but I agree with the above. Losing a potential friend because of a burp. Get a life. I usually would never wish indigestion problems on anyone cause I know it hurts like hell, but you I wish the worst case possible. If you find it so repulsive make your way back wo where you came from and do us all a favor.

  11. In Spain you never see this happend. Only rude, very rude people burp in public, and in most cases they come from the lowest social classes. Even inside the family is considered something very impolite.

    I want to add, just to sdatgurl, that there is no reason why I have to smell whatever is brewing inside your stomach, for me burping in public is as disgusting as furting. I know that sometimes it simply happends and you can´t repress it and this is when saying excuse me really means something, but if your are a pig and burp just for burping, I can imagine the rest of values inside you, and of course I don´t want to be friend of somebody like this.

    Best Regards

    • burbing is fucking normal, and it is ridicolous that there is a lower class were you come from because everybody is equal, theres is no fucking lower and higher class were i live becasue we treat other people as you wanted to be treated, so glas i live in canada, there is nothing worng with burbing, thats like saying its bad to cough in public, it is normal for your body to do that its a way of saying your foods being digestied. you are extremly ignorant and you piss me off, >:(

      • Based upon the language in your verbage, it is quite apparent that you are in a lower social class than those of us who repel this type of activity.

  12. thats really funny

  13. OMG!! HOW CAN U THINK THAT!? I’m 12 years old and I’m a girl and I burp in public! Burping’s cool!

  14. I find forcing a loud burp out in public is a rude way to set the tone of a conversation. Its a sneaky way for people to see what they can get away with. No need to loose a friend to burping, but it is important to respond to an inappropriate burp by telling the person what you think. I bet they won’t do it again. I you don’t they will continue and in some cases ‘up the ante’ by doing even ruder things to see how you will respond. Would you do something rude to your friend and if you were accidently annoying them, wouldn’t you want them to say.

  15. i m german and i d be happy if it was more ok to burp here in puplic…its cool to do it occasionally and even after a good meal its relaxing me…here in germany i also burp loud n deep but sometimes with my hand in front like when coughing or with my mouth closed (they can still sound solid enough though).but excusing myself is kind of hypocritical,true…just do it if some people are feeling bad about,but usually they find it ok…thats just me

  16. totally right

  17. i would love to know why you and others get to choose what is appropriate and what is not every time i burp i say hell ya if it is big and loud otherwise its annoying because its not funny even my best friends mom gives me a high five

  18. Just curious, what exactly is rude about burping? Society tells us it is rude but that’s it, there’s no other reason. You don’t like the sound? Boo hoo, that’d be like saying you don’t like the sound of coughing and persecuting everyone who coughed. Personally, I think society needs to grow up and stop being so shallow.

  19. I completely agree with your post! It grosses me out to see so many americans think it is okay to burp in public. To me, it is extremely disrectfectful, and shows a total lack of self bodily control. I am also so extremely put off by it, I would not socialize with anyone that does that.

  20. I am sorry, but I have to say… burping is a bodily function. If you are offended by bodily functions… then don’t ever have a family, friends, or a life. I understand that bodily functions are not always acceptable in public. If someone farts the gas is coming out of their ass… not acceptable. If someone has their period, the blood is coming from their vagina, not acceptable in front of company. If someone pisses or shits on themselves in public, it is probably not acceptable. However, of all things, to really be so grossed by a perfectly understandable bodily function, to wright a blog as to the evils of burping? What the hell is wrong with you… That is a stupid opinion… find something else to fight about, like kids without food here in America.

  21. I think this is fucking ridicoulous, i dont no were you are from, but burbing is normal, just like farting, sneezing couching a so on, i cant stand old english manners becuase they make no sense >:( i so sick and tired of people saying these kinds of things that have absoulutley no logic behind them.
    GET REAL AND STOP BEING RETARTED. if we always held are farts or burbs or sneezes in it can kill you or injure your breathing system, STRONGLY DISLIKE

  22. I’m American, born and raised, and it has always annoyed the hell out of me. Bodily functions are normal, but private. It annoys me worse because I don’t belch loudly. If I can be discrete about it, others can, they just don’t care enough about my annoyances to do so. I have limited friendships over it, because it’s a matter of respect.

  23. Loved your article; I am American and am disgusted by the belching in public, children doing it, friends/relatives doing it in my ear on the telephone. Wow. Farting surely must be next.

  24. Its disrespectful to others & gross. Anyone can be discreet about it. Its called respect for others!

  25. No, burping intentionally is low class no matter where you are. Only low class stupid people do this and think its funny. Kinda reminds me of a 5 year old that thinks talking about poop is hilarious. Its cute when they’re 5, but…
    I find that low class people will burp almost intentionally around higher class people as a way to show their disdain. Its an immature way of saying “I know you’re a classier person than I am ..but Im better that you..cause Im an idiot.”

  26. I’ve found that people who burp often eat and chew with their mouths open & therefore swallow a lot of air. So do barnyard animals. It is never polite in western culture.

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